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Game I won’t review – Snake Pass

snake pass
I think I mostly got this because I want more stuff to play on Switch (which is weird because I already have plenty). I likely would’ve waited for a steam sale otherwise.

Why am I not reviewing it? Well, because I’m extremely bad at it and will likely take a long time to get through it, if at all. So I figure I’ll talk about it now, quickly. Consider this a review if you want, though I’m nowhere near done with it.

Read on and see what’s up with Snake Pass.

Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: Sumo Digital
Date of Release: March 28th 2017
Platform: Switch, PC, PS4, Xbone (Switch version played)
Genre: Snake puzzle platformer

Rated E for Everyone


The graphics are really nice and colorful. However I question if there’s much visual variety, all the levels I’ve seen so far are the same visually. As far as functionality it’s pretty solid though, as it’s very clearly shown what you can and can’t climb up on, and what might prevent you from sliding off poles and such. My only complaint visually really is that the camera tends to be a bit too close to Noodle. Not always though. So a more versatile camera would help.

The music is nice, but with a caveat. See, the music here is made by David Wise, a badass in the gaming industry when it comes to music. And my thoughts on the music here is… this is leftovers from his work from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze… right? Some of it even sounds the same. It is really good, no doubt about it, but man this just feels like I’m playing Tropical Freeze again.

Not much of a story. You need to find crystals to open up the portals to different levels. A giant bird of sorts is responsible for the crystals being all over the place. I don’t know where that goes in the end since I’m not very far into the game.


Other people have been calling this a platformer. While I don’t disagree, I don’t know if I agree. I’d call it a puzzle game, if anything. It just happens to have platforming as the eventual goal to its puzzle-solving.

In this game you control Noodle, a snake. His controls are both really complex and yet fairly intuitive. You essentially control Noodle’s head, and the rest of the body pretty much follows. One button makes you move forward, while the left analog stick controls the direction the head will go. Just pressing to go forward isn’t enough though. You’re a snake, so you move faster if you slither around. So you have to go left and right to gain speed. Then you have a button that makes Noodle’s head move vertically (which you still move around with the left analog stick). Finally, another button makes Noodle tighten his grip on whatever he’s wrapped around.

The basic “puzzle” of this game is how you’ll climb different structures using those controls. Noodle’s underside “sticks” to surfaces, but it’s a very slippery kind of sticking. So you want to wrap around things and tighten your grip as you go forward. But you want to be careful as you go forward because you might go too far and slip off anyways. So timing when you’re gripping or going forward or going up or down or everything at once is really important. And man this is not an easy one. It’s really cool when you get something done properly, but unless you’re a natural with these controls it will be a struggle. And in later levels there’s moving platforms… I can’t even imagine dealing with those.

Each level has 20 pickups that are “easy” to get (not all of them are, but in general they’re kinda along the way), then they have 5 coins that are hard to get or even find (and usually have a good chance of falling down a hole if you miss, bringing you back to the last checkpoint you activated). The actual goal is the 3 crystals that unlock the portal to the next level, but it’s fun to get all the other stuff… though I have no idea what it actually does.


It’s a good game. It’s really unique and fun and I suck at it badly. Rather than being about precision jumps and fighting enemies, it’s about learning and mastering movement controls to navigate around various things to find pick-ups.

It’s really interesting, but man these controls aren’t agreeing with me. Not because they’re bad, I’d even say the opposite. It’s more of a personal problem, I just can’t wrap my mind around all the different things you have to press at once to move around. It requires precision that I’m not really getting.

Anyways, check it out.

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