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Games I won’t review – Knack 2

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Knack II

Remember Knack? Me neither. I own the game, I completed it, I must have reviewed it (… just checked, I did), and I remember nearly nothing about it. The fact that Knack 2 was announced was just… confusing. The first one only sold because it was one of the very few exclusives on the PS4 for the first 4-5 months or so, but critically it was mostly panned, with scores in the 4-6/10 area. No one wanted a sequel. To support that fact, Gamefaqs’ Knack 2 board doesn’t even have a full page of posts as of this writing, even though the game has been out for 2 days (there were about 5 posts pre-launch). There is no interest.

I pre-ordered Knack 2 as a joke, basically. Then forgot to cancel said joke pre-order (when I thought about it my copy had already shipped). So I got it. Oops.

So today in “Games I’m not reviewing”, a game no one wanted, much less me.

Let’s go!

Why I’m not reviewing it

Before I go to why I’m not reviewing this, I will complain about the box. I mean, the boxart is okay, it looks like the Knack 1 boxart. But the back is kinda perplexing… The catchphrase at the top says “Meet Knack!”… but we already met Knack. There’s a whole other game where we met him. He was boring. Is it something stupid to complain about? Yes. But this really bothered me for some reason.

So why am I not reviewing it? Because I didn’t even want this game. I did play through some of it, but hopefully not enough to fully review it (I’m 4 chapters in), so I’ll have a couple impressions instead… But man this is not a game that I wanted to play and I should really stop pre-ordering everything for the lulz.

Knack wasn’t a game I thought was horrible, just incessantly bland and forgettable. I don’t remember a single thing that happened in the first game, or any of the gameplay elements outside of the super simplistic combat mechanics. I actually re-read my old review before posting this, just to see if I missed anything important… nope. The fact that there’s a sequel to that is just… the weirdest thing ever.

So I’m not reviewing it because I’m 4 chapters in and I’m already bored, plus it’s a game no one cares about.


See, Knack 1 was so unmemorable, when I started playing Knack 2 and saw there was a skill tree, I had NO idea if the first one had that (after re-reading my old review I know there isn’t). I finished the first game, so I don’t know how I forgot such a basic thing. The gameplay itself is note for note the same as the original as far as I can remember. Walk along a linear path, stop to fight really easy enemies, do the same thing again.There’s some platforming in-between but it’s very simplistic. Sometimes there’s branches that lead to EXP or treasure chests. There’s no negatives for failing anything, you get checkpoints every other step so even if you die… whatever, you’ll just have a small handful of enemies to defeat again. If you fall down a hole you start back from the jump. There’s no sense of danger ever since dying does nothing. Eh.

Combat, on the surface, looks like it has a mild amount of depth. You can parry projectiles to reflect them, block melee attacks, dodge using the analog stick (which sucks as it always does in any game that does dodging this way), jumping, jump attacks, and eventually through the skill tree and as you progress through the game you learn new moves… None of this feels terribly meaningful. Maybe it does at higher difficulties, but I don’t care… The combat is only slightly more than mashing the square button. Once you get the heavy punch, you’ll use that a lot instead of even the normal attack combo.

The skill tree is lame. When you see it the first time, you only have access to one quadrant of it. The only way to get to the other quadrants is to fill up that first one, then the next one unlocks (and so on I assume). So despite almost looking like a skill tree, it isn’t. It’s linear progression though you choose very small parts of that progression (plus there’s a few spots that require more levels to open up if you want to wait before spending points). I like that you essentially level up, but it’s not very noteworthy overall.

Good things… the game looks okay? I was actually kinda disappointed in the graphics, because they didn’t look any better technically than the first one, and I did notice that the framerate wasn’t fully smooth for the time I played. It had frequent small dips, and I’m usually crap at noticing those. It has nice visual design but it’s not quite worth talking about.


Knack 1 wasn’t terribly noteworthy in any aspect. Knack 2 is Knack 1 again. I don’t really have anything to say about it, really. It’s just… there. No one knows why, I don’t know if the people who made it know why they made it either.

Reading my old Knack review I do see they improved/changed a few minor things, but in the end it doesn’t make Knack 2 good. It just makes it slightly different from the first.

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