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Games coming out in October 2017

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Hmm… Well October this year has some of the biggest releases of the year, plus a bunch of smaller cool things. I have no idea how I’ll manage to play everything I am getting in the month.

So we’ve got 1 Switch exclusive, 20 multiplats, 4 3DS games, 2 PS4 things and a late port on PC. I’m getting a pile of these.

Usual disclaimer: This includes either games I’m interested in, games that may be/become popular and random stuff in-between… Basically anything I feel bears mentioning for any reason. Probably missing stuff because game companies are shit about announcing release dates nowadays (and good at delaying games near release), and I’m not gonna dig through the hundreds of indie games that come out on steam every month to find the one or 2 okay ones that pop up occasionally, unless some higher-profile indie things I care about comes out. So if there’s no/few indie games here, it’s pretty normal.

*EDIT: added a game in the multiplat section*


Super Mario Odyssey 10/27

Hey look it’s the biggest game of the year. If you’re not excited for this game you’re factually incorrect.
It’s been since Sunshine that we’ve had a 3D Mario of this specific style. While the Galaxy games were great, they were about really well designed linear levels rather than “big” (at the time) open levels with exploration and objectives/challenges to find somewhat naturally. Plus this includes some whole new mechanics and what sounds like a good number of worlds with lots to do. 600 moons, whatever those are, sounds like a LOT.
It looks so good, and it’s getting so hard to avoid spoilers, especially with yt channels like GameXplain putting spoilers in their video thumbnails and titles. Whatever happened to letting people discover a game without spoiling everything possible before it comes out? I’ve even been avoiding official Nintendo stuff, especially after they spoiled way too much of Zelda at E3 last year.


Battle Chasers: Nightwar 10/03 (PC, PS4, Xbone (Switch version has been delayed because Unity sucks))

I backed this on kickstarter, then promptly forgot I did that. I actually got to play the “beta” a couple weeks back and it was actually quite fun. A turn-based RPG with a unique take on the world map and some interesting dungeons. I stopped playing after the first real dungeon (the iron outpost), but I’m pretty hyped to play some more. Apparently it’s based on a comic book series I never heard about.

Forza Motorsport 7 10/03 (PC, Xbone)

This is, what, the fifth Forza game this gen? Why? MAKE SOMETHING DIFFERENT YOU TALENTLESS HACKS (yes I am exaggerating). Geeze.

A Hat in Time 10/05 (PC, PS4, Xbone)

Hey it’s another kickstarter-funded collectathon 3D platformer in the style of Banjo-Kazooie. Yooka-Laylee was the more hyped one but it seems to have ended up disappointing people in general. I was fairly ambivalent on it, some parts were good but a lot of the overarching design was meh. So maybe A Hat in Time will be the better one in the end. We shall see.

Raiden V: Director’s Cut 10/05 (PC, PS4)

Raiden’s always a pretty fun shmup. This came out last year on Xbone, but it’s getting a better version on the other platforms which is nice.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War 10/10 (PC, PS4, Xbone)

Shadow of Mordor was a horrible game. I played through it but I hated it. There wasn’t a moment where I had fun, its good ideas had no development and meant nothing as a whole, the rest was just boring and glitchy (enemies kept seeing me through walls), and the ending was just… insulting. “Hey you get to fight Sauron!… HAHA JUST KIDDING JUST PRESS A BUTTON DURING A CUTSCENE TO BEAT HIM HAHAHAHAHA”. Fuck you too game. Not at all interested in the sequel. Seems like maybe they’re doing some things better, but I don’t care. You don’t fuck up the first game in a series and expect people to be excited for the sequel.

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle 10/10 (Switch, Vita, PS4)

A semi-bullet-hell fighting game. There was a previous Touhou game like this on PS4, called Genso Rondo, but the gameplay does seem different here. Genso Rondo was okay, a bit odd. This could be fun.

The Evil Within 2 10/13 (PC, PS4, Xbone)

The first one seemed kinda cool, but I hear that it kinda went downhill past the halfway point. I’m not particularly interested myself but it does seem like it might be good.

Chaos;Child 10/13 (Vita, PS4)

This is a sequel to Chaos;Head. I watched the anime for this and to me it was kinda… meh. It had some cool ideas but it was kinda senseless for the most part. Maybe the game makes more sense out of it all.

Dungeons 3 10/13 (PC) or 10/17 (PS4, Xbone)

This is this series that’s clearly inspired by Dungeon Keeper, a classic Bullfrog series that EA ruined with a shitty mobile game (and Bullfrog themselves are gone so yeah). I believe I actually have the first game on Steam but I never played it. I should check it out. It seems cool.

ELEX 10/17 (PC, PS4, Xbone)

Some open-world RPG… thing. I watched a couple videos of it, it looks fucking boring.

Axiom Verge (physical version for consoles) 10/17 (Switch, Vita, PS4 and Wii U in some territories)

In Canada this is 10-15$ more on Switch than other versions… Weird. Literally costs the same for the standard Switch edition than it does for the Multiverse Edition on PS4 or Vita. Anyways… Axiom Verge is pretty great. Check it out if you haven’t.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole 10/17 (PC, PS4, Xbone)

Oh hey this is actually coming out. I haven’t played the first one, so I’m kinda thinking I should play that before this one. I’m not super excited for this but it does look pretty cool.

WWE 2K18 10/17 (Switch, PS4, Xbone)

The I think yearly wrestling game. I dunno how well these do, I’ve never really cared about wrestling games. The special edition comes with a figure of some random person wearing a John Cena shirt.

Spelunker Party! 10/19 (Switch, PC)

I was actually looking into importing this game from Japan… Hey that’s nice, now it’s gonna be like half the price or less than the import. Cool.

Fire Emblem Warriors 10/20 (Switch, New 3DS (so don’t buy this if you have an original-model 3DS or 2DS))

Why is there even a New 3DS version of this? Gee I wonder if I should go with the normal version, or the version with shitty framerate, worse graphics and less stuff on screen. So anyways, FE makes lots of sense with the Dynasty Warriors style. I didn’t inform myself about specifics (I know Lyn is playable so I’m good), but I do hope some FE gameplay elements (like the weapon triangle and permadeath) make their way into this. They definitely made Hyrule Warriors feel like Zelda in a way, and they made Dragon Quest Heroes feel like Dragon Quest… So hopefully this feels like Fire Emblem.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon 10/24 (Switch, PC, PS4)
Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon
Big-boobed anime lesbians, fighting monsters. RPG elements, monster capturing and leveling to use them in real-time battles… The first one on PS4 looked like an early PS3 game graphically, but had pretty okay gameplay.

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows 10/24 (PC, Vita, PS4)

I didn’t play or hear much about the first Yomawari. Might be cool, I dunno.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 10/27 (PC, PS4, Xbone)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Shootin’ alternate-history nazis, yay! I found The New Order to be kinda good. Fun but a bit overrated. The Old Blood though was really great, I had a lot more fun with that one. This one looks quite nice. It’ll be hard to find time to play, what with Mario coming out on the same day, but I’ll try!

Assassin’s Creed: Origins 10/27 (PC, PS4, Xbone)

So Assassin’s Creed has sucked since the first game. It seemed like something that should be good but always ended up being pretty boring. I gave up on the series halfway through AC2. This one though throws a lot of what makes AC what it is out completely. This time it’s an “RPG”. So let’s say you stealthily go behind someone, then press the “stab dude in the neck with your hidden blade” button… In a usual AC game, that would kill them. Here, it will deal damage to their HP bar. You’re moreso likely to not kill them if they’re higher level than you, or have a good helmet, or your hidden blade has too low stats. Because hey this isn’t AC anymore, it’s a loot-based RPG-ish thing that happens to take place in the AC universe. I may not like AC, but I can’t be the only one finding this complete shift in gameplay really jarring. What even is this trash?

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back 10/31 (PC, PS4)

I am absolutely hyped for this. Bubsy, finally coming back? Hell yes. Am I the only one who is hyped? Probably.
Plus this is being made by Black Forest Games, the guys behind Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream, a game largely considered to be superb. I am not worried about this one at all. What could possibly go wrong?


Culdcept Revolt 10/03
Culdcept Revolt

I know very little about Culdcept. Seems like a roll-and-move board game combined with RPG elements. Could be cool, I dunno.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions 10/06

It’s the best Mario & Luigi, with lamer (but more technically impressive) graphics, and a new added minigame story thing. That’s pretty cool I guess.

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and The Millionaire’s Conspiracy 10/06

It’s Layton. I enjoyed the ones I played, they have cool puzzles and stuff, but I got kinda tired of them. If you haven’t, here’s another one! And I feel any of them are a good place to start up from, especially this one since it features a whole different protagonist.

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth 10/17

Etrian Odyssey is probably the best of all these classic grid-based first-person dungeon crawling RPG games that keep coming out in recent years. I’ve enjoyed all of them. Happy to see more, though I hope the next one comes out on Switch.
I played the demo and it was pretty interesting, like how the TANK class was a backline character. Weird.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online 10/10

A Hyperdimension Neptunia action-RPG with an MMO-style premise, though it’s not actually solely online (it does have co-op play I believe, but it looks to me like the MMO thing is only on the story side of things). It looks… kinda meh.

Gran Turismo Sport 10/17
Gran Turismo Sport
It took a good long while for Gran Turismo to finally make its way to PS4, it’s pretty crazy. I mean, in the meantime there were FIVE Forza games on Xbone and PC. It better blow people away.
Note: why wasn’t it shown at the E3 Sony-Direct-With-An-Audience-And-A-Stage-For-No-Reason?


Destiny 2 10/24
Destiny 2
The “Good controls” version of a game I assume is shit because the first one was shit. Though I have been hearing better things about this one, I’m not convinced and won’t spend more than 5$ on it.

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