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Games coming out in November 2017

Well I’m posting this slightly early. You know, Mario coming out and all, so I might as well push this before I have no time to play or write anything. Plus I have Wolfenstein 2 coming out on the same day, and several other games coming out close to the same time.. This’ll be rough. That said, I also have another post or 2 I kinda wanna do before that happens, so hopefully those’ll happen soon too.

So November… not quite as big as October  due to not having Mario, but there’s still several interesting games. I’m grabbing a small handful here.

November gives us: 1 PC port, 2 PS4 games, 3 3DS things, 4 Switch releases and 12 multiplats. Oh and a pointless black box.

Usual disclaimer: This includes either games I’m interested in, games that may be/become popular and random stuff in-between… Basically anything I feel bears mentioning for any reason. Probably missing stuff because game companies are shit about announcing release dates nowadays (and good at delaying games near release), and I’m not gonna dig through the hundreds of trash indie games that come out on steam every month to find the one or 2 okay ones that pop up occasionally, unless some higher-profile indie things I care about comes out. So if there’s no/few indie games here, it’s pretty normal.


Xbox One X 11/07

A strong contender for “dumbest console release in gaming history”.

Microsoft at E3 2016: “So we’re not releasing exclusive games on Xbox One anymore, all our games are also going to PC”.
Me: “Cool so that means you’re getting away from the console market and refocusing on PC right? That’s good since the Xbox division has done nothing but lose you money every year since its inception. Killing it off would be a great idea”
Microsoft minutes later at E3 2016: “What? No we’re making a new version of the Xbox One that’s stronger but plays the same games!”
Also Microsoft, this time at E3 2017: “Oh, there’s still no exclusives”

If Knack 2 was “Why: The Game”, the Xbox One X is “Why: The Console”. Absolutely worthless. To quote the Nerd, what were they thinking? I mean, why release a platform that’s not getting games? You still need to explain this, Microsoft. Just “being stronger than all the consoles on the market” isn’t enough. No one has any reason to update from their normal Xbone or their PS4 or PS4 Pro. If the power is what’s important… people can and should build a PC, why buy an underpowered black box?


.hack//G.U. Last Recode 11/03 (PC, PS4)

Hey I remember playing the first .hack on PS2. It was kinda fun as I recall. I never played the .hack//G.U. sequel series though. This goes on the maybe list. The one I played was an RPG that mimicked MMORPGs but was actually fun to play. It had social features and all (with not-real NPC people).

Call of Duty: WWII 11/03 (PC, PS4, Xbone)

Oh boy more Call of Duty. Do people even care anymore?

Sonic Forces 11/07 (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbone)
Sonic Forces
I’ve actually heard good things about this one from fans who played it at public conventions. Sonic Mania is a tough act to follow though, and modern Sonic IS modern Sonic so it is kinda hard to get super excited about. It is being released at a budget price though so that helps. I’m semi-excited for this, we’ll see. The Boost formula is trash but I hear there’s not too much of that here. We’ll see.

Hand of Fate 2 11/07 (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbone)

Oh, didn’t know this had a release date. The first one was a pretty interesting game. Kinda rogue-lite-ish with customizable card decks which become a dungeon of sorts (with the “bad”guy putting his own cards in it), plus another deck for equipment you might get, and battles are handled Batman Arkham style. I might grab this at some point.

Super Lucky’s Tale 11/07 (PC, Xbone)

The first Lucky’s Tale was a VR game that didn’t in any way need VR. It’s just a third-person 3D platformer. It looked okay, nothing really remarkable from a few videos I’ve seen. This one looks like much the same, minus VR (maybe the PC version has VR compatibility, I don’t care enough to check). I’m not interested enough to look into it much.

Need for Speed Payback 11/10 (PC, PS4, Xbone)
Need for Speed Payback
This was shown at E3, it looked kinda okay but thinking about it more… it looked overly cinematic (and in the E3 demo it looked like it had some continuity issues between the gameplay and cinematics). I dunno, I have no hype for this.

Demon Gaze II 11/14 (Vita, PS4)

Another one of them first-person grid-based dungeon-crawl RPGs. This is a sequel to one of my favorites of the genre on Vita. I’ll probably be in the middle of playing Etrian Odyssey V when this comes out so we’ll see how that works out.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 11/14 (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbone)
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
LEGO. I dunno, I enjoyed the little bit of LEGO Batman I played for what it was (a really simplistic beat ‘em up), I haven’t played any of the others. Never managed to really care.

L.A. Noire Remastered 11/14 (Switch, PS4, Xbone)
L.A. Noire Remastered
People liked L.A. Noire. I didn’t, at all (I really only played it for work, I was actively avoiding it otherwise because I thought it looked boring, and boy was I right). I guess it’s cool to see it be remastered? The Noir style was done nicely, but the gameplay was boring as hell. I know other people liked it though, so maybe I’m just weird.

Tokyo Tattoo Girls 11/14 (Vita, PC)
Tokyo Tattoo Girls
This is some weird semi-real-time strategy game, where you try to take over Tokyo by teaming up with a girl of your choice and covering her body with magical tattoos to power her up and stuff… Sounds very odd.

Star Wars Battlefront II 11/17 (PC, PS4, Xbone)
Star Wars Battlefront II
The “first” Star Wars Battlefront (see: the reboot, not the original series) wasn’t a game I liked. I played the beta for it and there were a lot of issues with it. It wasn’t good. What has been shown of the sequel though has been pretty interesting. I’m still not sure if I want to get this, but it does seem to fix a lot of issues the first had in its core gameplay. Plus this seems to come out with more content, a single-player campaign and there’s gonna be free DLC instead of a way overpriced season pass… wait what’s the catch? … Oh okay, pay-to-win random loot boxes in a full-priced game… well fuck off then, EA.

Tiny Metal 11/21 (Switch, PC, PS4)
Tiny Metal
This seems to have a big Advance Wars vibe to it. It also does this cool graphical thing where fog of war is big ass grey cubes. It seems like it might be really fun. Yoko Taro likes it.


Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together! 11/10

Snipperclips was a cute little game that came out at Switch launch and got a little bit of hype. It looked fun, though I didn’t get it myself due to not really having someone to co-op with to play it that often. This adds new features and a pile of new content, and a physical release.

DOOM 11/10

DOOM was my Game of the Year last year… not like it had a lot of competition, but it was a truly amazing game. I can’t imagine playing DOOM (or any FPS really) with a controller, but as far as the Switch’s hardware goes it’s quite impressive that they got it looking quite good and playing at what seems like a stable framerate. A shit framerate, but stable nonetheless.
It would be hard for me to go from playing it with keyboard and mouse at Ultra graphics at 180fps to the Switch, but if you’re okay with that DO IT. The portability is a nice thing too, it’s the one reason I’m thinking of grabbing this at some point. This game is fucking good.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/17

Oh hey look it’s Skyrim, like the 50th version of it. It’s nice that it’s out on Switch and all, but it should’ve been out way earlier (there’s no reason this wasn’t a launch title). No one’s gonna use the shitty motion controls that they took time to add into the game. P.S. Skyrim sucks.

Resident Evil: Revelations Collection 11/28

Okay. I mean, sure this is fine, I hear good things about Revelations (especially the first one), but Capcom’s support of the Switch is confusing at best. There’s a lot that should come out for it long before this. Wake up Capcom, you’ve been in a fucking coma for the last 10 years.


The Inpatient 11/21

So this is something of a prequel to Until Dawn (a super-boring QTE game with some kinda interesting story elements and nothing else of note). It’s in VR. That’s really all I know about this.

SG/ZH: School Girl Zombie Hunter 11/17

This seems like exactly the kind of dumb trash I like to buy for the lulz… we’ll see.


Mario Party: The Top 100 11/10

Why the fuck is this on 3DS? It’s Mario Party, stop making these on dedicated handhelds, geeze. I mean, I like the idea of having the 100 best minigames in the series in the same game, but I’m not buying this. ALSO, not sure if this has normal Mario Party gameplay or if it’s just minigames. I happen to not care.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon 11/17

I don’t really care about “third versions” of Pokemon games. I’ve always skipped those except for Yellow. So I don’t care about this one.

River City: Rival Showdown 11/21
River City: Rival Showdown

So this is another one of them River City Ransom-style games. Not based on sports, it seems to be all about the semi-RPG beat ’em up stuff the series is most known for outside of Japan.


Nioh Complete Edition 11/07
Nioh Complete Edition

Whoops, should’ve waited for this version instead of buying it on PS4. I guess we didn’t yet know it wasn’t exclusive at the time. This is a really fun game though, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t. It is (actually) like Dark Souls, but a bit faster and funner. Includes some DLC I guess, not sure what it is.

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