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The Mummy Demastered review

So this is a bit of a weird release. It’s a movie-based game, based on the reboot of The Mummy (which itself was probably a reboot of classic Mummy movies). It’s a movie I was pretty interested in but haven’t seen yet, I heard pretty lukewarm things about it but I still want to see it.

As part of the movie’s promotion there was this game made by Wayforward, which looked pretty interesting. It was made in a retro metroidvania style, so it got lots of attention from that.

Read on and see if it’s good!

Developer: Wayforward
Publisher: Wayforward
Date of Release: October 24th 2017
Platform: Switch, PC, PS4, Xbone (Switch version reviewed)
Genre: Metroidvania

Rated E10+ for Everyone over 10


This looks like something SNK would’ve done in a classic arcade game such as Metal Slug. It looks pretty good, and I like some of the enemy design, especially the big huge bosses. The areas though kinda all look the same, there’s different colored rocks I guess. It’s hard to really know where you are without looking at a map. There are some performance issues, at least in the Switch version… the final boss is a lagfest, and some random rooms occasionally had shitty framerate… this isn’t the type of game where that should happen.

I guess the sound was fine because I have no complaints about it, but there was nothing unique about it. I don’t know what to say here so lets move on.

Story-wise… I actually don’t know if this really follows the movie, since I haven’t seen it. You play as a nameless agent from Prodigium (an organization that fights supernatural threats), investigate a tomb and awaken Ahmanet, an ancient egyptian princess who is now a mummy. So then Prodigium decide to destroy her, as she gets stronger during the progression of the game… and that’s the plot. It’s basically just a goal and not much more.


This is a Metroidvania. You traverse a big open 2D map, which does automatically map out as you explore it. At first you only have access to a small area, but as you advance you get better and better equipment that opens more and more of the map.

You start with a really shitty gun with tiny bullets that miss everything, but you slowly get better guns (you always have the basic infinite-ammo gun, otherwise you can equip 2 other guns that you can switch between), grenades and a few other power-ups. Some movement-based, some just giving you access to new parts. One of the dumbest power-ups is like the speedbooster from Super Metroid, but you don’t have a run button to hold or anything, and it’s pretty tough to actually know when you’re running at the top speed. Otherwise what you find is cool, there’s a few of the powers which are pretty unique for this type of game.

So shooting stuff is fun, fighting bosses is fun, exploring is fun… but this game does have issues…

So when you die in this game, you go back to the last save point, HOWEVER you start with none of your equipment. If a power-up room is nearby you can use that to use some of your other guns, but that’s it. Your maximum health, some movement options, the guns you had when you died, they’re now stuck on a zombie of the character who died (so yeah basically you’re a different “person” each time you die), and you have to kill the previous character to retrieve your stuff. I don’t mind that feature much, but there’s some spots where retrieving your stuff, which you HAVE to do, may be a bit tough. I once died in the water (which messes up your movement) where a piranha  was swimming around (these bastards are really hard to kill due to their tiny hitbox and the fact that the basic gun sucked) and there was a zombie knight dude and I died there twice in a row… yeah getting my stuff back that one time was pretty much impossible, I don’t know how I managed that. It’s some of the only times I died too.

Then the biggest problem… Health. So there’s actually no way to really properly recover it. There’s 2 ways to gain health back. The first to is find a health upgrade, this also brings you back to max health. The other way is to get random healing items from killing enemies or destroying objects… drop rates for healing items are minuscule, and even when some pop up it’s usually the small ones that recover 5 health, which is really useful when you have, like, 900 total health and you need all of them to go fight the final boss. The rooms where you get new weapons have a box you can look into to switch weapons and replenish all your ammo… why not add health to that pile? It’s not like there’s fast enemies to kill to get lots of health at once like in Super Metroid or something.

And my last issue is that some of the normal enemies are pretty badly designed. Specifically there’s a sarcophagus that pops out and shoots a ghost, and it would be fine if the rooms it appears in weren’t covered in tons of other enemies. There’s respawning enemies (crows and bats) which keep popping up at the worst spot possible and there’s no way to predict that. Similar to Medusa Heads from Castlevania but actually annoying, since you kinda know when and where they’ll pop up if you’re paying attention.


If it wasn’t for the health issue, and some of the enemy design, this would be a very good game. As of now it’s fine but it has its annoying moments.

The metroidvania element is done fairly well, the weapons get funner as time goes on, most of the bosses are fun even though they have WAAAAAAAY too much health, and it has okay challenge. But the problems it has might be a bit much for some people.

Also the final boss glitched for me, at some point it got stuck in its idle animation and I killed it for free. This is something I saw in other reviews before I played it, and I confirm that it’s a thing… but I’m happy it happened, I didn’t like the final boss.

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