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Games I won’t review – Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

November 17th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

I was gonna review this game. I was completely planning on finishing it and giving it a fair shake. However, the game itself didn’t want me to.

So today in “Games I won’t review”, a sequel no one heard about to a game no one heard about. I believe I reviewed the first game, it was okay, nothing particularly remarkable. A pretty simple action-RPG thing, with minor monster-collecting mechanics and not much else of note other than lesbians with big boobs that seemed right out of a late PS2/early PS3 game graphic-wise.

So let’s go and see if this is any good, and why I’m not reviewing it.

Why I’m not reviewing this

So I was right at the end of Chapter 3. I could’ve saved before I did, but I didn’t because you save at the end of a chapter anyways. I talk to the NPCs, go to the maintenance room to upgrade Aluche (the main character), and as I talk to the servans to upgrade them the game crashes. My last save? At the start of Chapter 3. All I needed to do to get to the next automatic save prompt was go into my bedroom and choose to sleep. But the game crashed, and I’m not replaying a chapter again… so fuck this game.

How was it though

Well first I will say I got the Switch version of this, and it makes me really curious about how it performs on the PS4. Because this looks like a late-PS2 game, and it runs like trash on the Switch. The framerate occasionally keeps at 30fps, but at random times, sometimes where there’s almost nothing on screen, the framerate chugs and I can nearly count the sub-20 frames each second. Spinning the camera is the worst, and the pop-in for 3D models that really aren’t that far is really distracting. Why does a game that has textures that are basically just big pieces of blur run this badly? I truly wonder if it’s a game thing and it’s bad on everything, or if it’s just bad on Switch. When you have games looking like Super Mario Odyssey running as well as it does, it makes you question why other games that are inferior technically are struggling.

As for the game itself, it takes place some time after the first game. You play as a new main character (doesn’t seem like the previous game’s characters are around but maybe later), who gets stabbed in the heart by the new villain, the Moon Queen, but you get revived using blue blood (demon blood basically) from the main character in the previous game, making you a half-demon. You then quest to find your childhood friend (alongside another childhood friend) who is set to be a sacrifice to the Moon Queen to prevent the eternal night… so basically the same plot as the first game, including the fact that they want to prevent the eternal night without sacrifice, and that they’re big-boobed anime lesbians.

I already mentioned that the graphics don’t look too good, but that goes up to the character models looking pretty bland with drab textures that are almost featureless, and the non-gameplay animations looking bafflingly stiff. There’s parts that I assume are supposed to look “sexy”, but they really don’t.

As for the gameplay… mash buttons to attack enemies. You have 2 servans (nice demons) that will automatically attack and you can use special skills (or they can change into different weapons for you which is meaningless) in battle (and out of battle, but those parts require specific servans so it’s annoying), and you have a “Lily” which is just another girl who attacks automatically like the servans, but they also have separate special attacks that you can activate for massive damage. You have a time limit going through a level (which you upgrade as you get stronger), I don’t know what happens when it runs out but I assume it just brings you back to the hotel (which is the hub). If you go back to the hotel, regardless of any time you have remaining you can’t actually go outside again and use that time, which is ridiculous. That means you have to spend the rest of the day sleeping. You also have another in-game time limit, where spending time sleeping makes the moon, which is blue for you, wane. If it becomes fully black, it’s game over for you, but you can get some time back by advancing through the story and beating bosses. This seems fairly meaningless, but if you want to do side-quests you have to use up those extra days. Eh.

Otherwise you level yourself by gathering blue blood and putting points into a pretty simplistic skill tree, your Lilies by getting experience and servans using… servan points. There’s not much to this. You can also upgrade equipment by feeding it other equipment.


I don’t remember the first one that much because it was so… eh. But I feel it was probably better than this one. This game is pretty blah overall, as far as I’ve played before the crash. The graphics look poorer to me (not that they were impressive in the first game but they definitely looked better than this), the 3D models are pretty laughable, and the gameplay is just “see enemy group, use the same attack over and over, rinse and repeat”.

Not a game I’d recommend, considering the crashing and the overall meh quality.

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