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Games I won’t review – Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory
So 2 years ago Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth came out. It was a pretty fun JRPG where you’d train up Digimon and investigate the mysterious “Eater” creatures that have been messing up the world and mixing up the digital world and the real world.

It wasn’t perfect, I played on normal difficulty and it was too easy most of the time (except literally the final boss, which makes sense) and it was a lot of going through menus to go to different places. But overall a fun game.

So I figured I’d get this new one, I figured it would fix some small things and hey, it’s more Digimon Story, which will always be more interesting than Digimon World (after I made the mistake of buying that one last year).

So instead I’m just not gonna review it, after buying it. Read on and see why!

Why Am I Not Reviewing It?

There’s several reasons. Saving, difficulty and sameness. I’ll talk about each of those separately.


First, saving… I think I didn’t notice this in the previous game because I was playing on normal difficulty and dying was basically impossible. This game features a “save anywhere” feature. You need to pause the game, go to the save menu and save there. It’s something you need to think about, otherwise you’ll only save at the start of every chapter because that’s the only forced saving prompt. No save points or anything. I HATE that, honestly. Who even thinks of pausing to save every other minute? I don’t. And that means whenever I die, I run the risk of losing hours of gameplay unless I specifically randomly decide to save (which is annoying when sometimes boss battles start with no previous way to know a battle is coming). Fuck this shit, spread save points all over the place instead of expecting me to pause and save. I literally lost hours of progress several times in this game early on. What makes this worse is that you have no option to fast-forward dialogue or skip cutscenes. So if you forget to save right after cutscenes and end up dying, hope you enjoy mashing through dialogue again. Maybe if they put a save button on the touch screen I’d mash that thing all the time, but that’s not what having to pause and then save is like at all.


So since I had played Cyber Sleuth already, I figured I’d play this one on hard mode. It doesn’t seem like it does much. Enemies are stronger, sure, but they’re still pretty weak and they actually give extra EXP, so it takes almost no time for random enemies and most non-boss battles (and even bosses) against other hackers to be just as trivial as they are on normal mode. So why is difficulty an issue? Well, in combination with “save anywhere” being stupid, the game has completely random difficulty spikes. Some boss battles are stupid and easy. Some others that happen in the same parts of the same chapters are crazy and have attacks that will nearly one-shot your team unless you spend an hour grinding before the battle (that would be after you got killed and lost 3 hours of gameplay, of course). But bosses are supposed to be hard, so that’s kinda fine I guess as long as you know a boss fight is coming up (which is sometimes not the case). But then later you’ll do a side-quest and win the “boss” battle in it easily, so before saving you’ll do another sidequest thinking it’ll be easy too, but you’ll end up fighting a battle that’s actually impossible to win without a specific Digimon team (without any indication of what said team could be). It’s just crazy how the difficulty fluctuates so much. How are 2 sidequests of the same difficulty rank completely different in how hard the bosses in them are?


The biggest problem with the game though, is that it’s the same as the previous Cyber Sleuth game. One of the biggest differences is that you can’t play as a girl in this one… weird. It features almost the same story as the first game and happens at the same time as the first game, except you’re playing as a different set of characters. You occasionally see people from the first game as they do whatever they were doing in the first game, but as far as I known the characters from this story (the Hudie hacker team) were not at all in the first game. But then some events that happened to the main character in the first game are happening to you in this one instead. So it’s the same story but not quite? But that’s not all. The areas are all the same. One area is new as far as I’ve played. The places in the real world are the same between the 2 games, the “online” dungeons and areas are the same… It’s really just doing the same thing you did before. Even the menus are the same, they changed pretty much nothing. I think there was some balancing in the some of the attacks or something. I think there may be a few new Digimon here and there.

So yeah

So the game isn’t bad. I just dislike the “save anywhere” thing, the odd random unexplainable difficulty spikes in hard mode (rather than having a stable difficulty level) and the fact that it’s the same game I already played. If you want my real review for this game, look at my review for the previous one, it’s probably okay.


If you haven’t played Cyber Sleuth, I do recommend checking either of these 2 games out. They’re both pretty good (the first one is probably cheaper though so go with that). If you already played Cyber Sleuth, I don’t think I can recommend this one. It’s literally the same game with different characters. Legit I went back to the first one and everything is identical. I think the only unique area in the game is Ikebukuro where the Hudie shop is. Even the story beats tend to be the same and kinda contradict the other game.

As for me, I’ve only played this one for a couple hours and I’m tired of it. Shifting to hard difficulty was weird because it feels so meaningless most of the time (random battles are too easy, most boss battles are too easy), then random non-important side-quests will somehow end up being impossible to win. There’s no balance. The game foreshadows that you’ll go fight some ToyAgumon (note: you have to know what ToyAgumon even are to know that’s what’s being foreshadowed)… but that doesn’t help unless you’ve seen one before and know that they’re vaccine digimon and you should go in with a team of data digimon. Then if you forget to save because the “save anywhere” system sucks these random difficulty spikes become a huge detriment. I could just go back to normal difficulty and not struggle in any battle again, but that feels dumb.

So yeah, I gave up on this game in 2 days and won’t review it, but I kinda already did review it 2 years ago, so eh.

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