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Games I won’t review – Dragon Quest Builders

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Dragon Quest Builders

I skipped this game when it came out previously on Vita and PS4 because I don’t buy console versions of games that are also on handhelds, and the Vita version didn’t get a physical release. So getting it on Switch appeased both issues at once!

So I make it no secret that I don’t like Minecraft. It’s boring and pointless and the whole “creativity” thing just means nothing to me. I play games for the game design and challenge. So putting a Dragon Quest skin on Minecraft and adding a storyline and quests and stuff? Alright you got my attention.

And yet here I am, not reviewing it. Why am I not reviewing Dragon Quest Builders? Well read on and you’ll see!

Why am I not reviewing it

Simple question: I got bored. Fast. Then I kept playing for hours in hopes that maybe things would get more interesting. It didn’t. So I got many hours into it… and I’m done.

In this game you play as the Builder, a random character in the Dragon Quest world. It takes place after the end of the first game’s bad ending (the hero accepts the dragonlord’s offer to take over the world together), which is awesome. You get back to Alefgard some time after the hero and the dragonlord have overun the world with monsters. As the builder, you need to rebuild the world (seemingly each town, but I’m not sure since I didn’t get to the second town), as you are the only person in the world with the ability to build stuff.

You start with Cantlin. Break blocks, destroy objects like plants, trees, rocks, minerals, kill monsters, and use what you pick up to build buildings… or, in this case, “rooms” that are made up of a square-ish shaped wall that’s 2 blocks high, with a door, light source and whatever else said room requires. Some rooms have blueprints you can place on the ground to more easily build stuff. There’s also several objects you can build like cooking fires, workbenches and forges to craft items/blocks/equipment. Some rooms are used for NPCs, which you find around the world to help you, to craft their own items to help you. As the builder finds new materials he/she instantly learns what kind of objects you can craft with them. Crafting is just selecting the item you want to make and choosing to make it. You have 2 options, either making one (or one set, depending on the item), or use as many materials as possible and make a ton.

Your first order of business is getting people into the currently-destroyed town of Cantlin. The first one is simple enough, build a room and she comes running. The second character is your first real quest, explore the map (follow a checkpoint). Once you get him from the other side of a mountain, you bring him back and then both NPCs give you a pile of quests to properly learn how to play the game. But that’s where the game gets boring. The whole game is basically just doing errands for NPCs. Go get this item, go find this other NPC, build this room, upgrade this room, blah. This would be fine, if the gameplay itself wasn’t boring. The fighting is simplistic to a fault, the building is boring, the crafting is boring, the leveling is boring.

The game is very exploration-based, however it’s kinda pointless to explore from what I’ve seen… sometimes you find caves that may have treasures, but it’s rare that you’ll find anything really noteworthy other than minerals (which you also find outside of caves). So just do quests and explore slightly along the way, but the quests are also pretty boring. Sometimes the quests don’t quite tell you what to do. One required magic dye, it took me a stupid amount of time to figure out I needed to create that in the kitchen. The quests just aren’t fun, but they’re the only thing that make any sense to do since exploration won’t really help you.

There’s a chance it gets more interesting past Cantlin, but I’m not waiting.


Good try I guess, but in the end even if you add exploration elements and a bit more combat and minor RPG elements and quests, Minecraft remains boring to me. I just end up doing what the NPCs ask, and there’s basically no point in doing anything outside of these quests unless you’re really running out of stuff… but in that case just take a bit of extra time during quests to gather stuff.

I want my games to be fun and challenging, but this really isn’t. Maybe other people will enjoy it more for the creative thing. I dunno.

Point is, the Dragon Quest skin doesn’t make Minecraft better.

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