About The Save Points!

November 4th, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to The Save Points!

We’re a gaming review site amongst many. So why would read us over another site? Well first and foremost, we’re doing this because we find it fun! We’re reaching out to people in a way that isn’t possible without the Internet. Right now it’s just me, Jobocan, writing about anything I play. I’m all for honest opinions, so if I don’t like something I’ll say it as clearly as I can, and if I like something I’ll say it as clearly as I can. I feel people can like things I don’t so maybe my negative opinion will still be a positive for other people, you know.

I’m not posting as often as I want due to my job at a national museum, but I try to get at least a good handful of posts every month.

We’re also not doing it to make money out of it (want facts? in the 8+¬†years we’ve been doing this, we made around 14$ from that play-asia ad), neither are we doing it for free game copies, as we almost never ask for any (extremely rare exceptions). We pay for what we review and want to tell you if we thought our money was well spent or not. Use our opinions as you will!

We’re also not doing this whole thing to get hits or anything like that (since more hit really doesn’t give us more money). I mean, I barely advertise this site. We want to give out opinion and… that’s it. We’re offering our opinion to the world and asking nothing in return. If you want our opinion, cool. If not… cool. Our opinion is there for whoever wants to indulge.

You’re also free to express your agreement/disagreement with us. As long as we can get a dialogue going rather than just pointless stupid insults that’s fine by me.

Oh, and I’m a bit of a game collector, check this out: http://vgcollect.com/jobocan

(I find it funny how I keep saying “We” even thought I’m alone on this site)

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