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Games of the Year Awards 2017

December 27th, 2017 No comments

So 2017 was a pretty interesting year. On the non-gaming side for me it was fairly quiet though the year started (literally a few days into the year) with my father being diagnosed with cancer, and subsequently my father beating the shit out of said cancer and being cancer-free within a few months. Also I built a gaming PC on my own for the first time (before that I’d pay NCIX extra to build for me, never again). It’s super easy, everyone can and should do it… maybe I should do a quick post about that.

As far as gaming goes though… 2014, 2015, 2016 have all been pretty lame years for gaming. Game of the Year posts from me were difficult to write for the last few years because… Well, when there’s a year where there aren’t even 5 games good enough for the GotY award, you know it was a bad year. That said, 2017 said “fuck that here’s a ton of games” and I could’ve easily made a decent GotY post halfway through the year, with completely different games than what are on the list now, and it would still be a solid list. I did not have time to stop playing games this year, because there was always new stuff coming out. 2017 was a HUGE year for games, it was pure insanity.

So yeah… let’s go as per usual. A quick rant, then 5 almost-winners followed by the top GotY winner and finally a boatload of honorable mentions. Haven’t quite played enough trash this year for a “Trash of the Year” segment… So I won’t do that this time.

Rules: only games I played, and only games that came out this year (so no remasters or late ports, remakes are a grey area but I avoid them… example: the Crash trilogy wouldn’t be valid, but the Samus Returns remake would be). I may still put some as honorable mentions but they’re not valid for GotY candidacy.

Note: There’s several noteworthy 2017 games I haven’t played like Prey, Pyre, Evil Within 2, South Park, Hellblade, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Divinity: Original Sin II, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Hand of Fate 2, For Honor, Dragon Quest Heroes II and a handful of others, so if you think they’re GotY and I don’t name them, know that I hold no ill will for these games.

Other note: I avoided games I knew would be shit like Shadows of War, Destiny 2, whatever Assassin’s Creed came out, Battlefront 2, Mass Effect Andromeda and several others… and know that I do hold ill will for these.

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2017 in video games – hype or no hype?

December 29th, 2016 No comments

So that’s it for my GotY 2016 stuff. 2016 was a fairly weak year overall. So while I’m not SUPER EXCITED for 2017, there’s a handful of games I do have lots of hype for, so I figured I’d highlight some of those. Just for a quick fun post.

Let’s go and hope 2017 is a step up from the last 3 years. (note that this was written before the Switch event, so who knows if anything more is going to be officially announced there)

EDIT: I had to change this because Microsoft are stupid idiots and cancelled Scalebound… which might not be THAT big of a shame since it seems MS fucked with the development in the first place, as evidenced by a Kamiya tweet from 2015… but I’m still disappointed (also I did other small edits)

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Games of the Year Awards 2016

December 28th, 2016 No comments

Right so we had ourselves quite a year in gaming. And by “quite a year” I mean “nothing fucking happened”. It had games, some of them good, but it felt kinda empty, even when stuff was coming out at a more regular pace. There really isn’t much to discuss. As such, choosing winners for the 2016 Games of the Year was not easy. At all.

So read on and see what I’m naming my top games of the year! We’re starting with a quick mini-rant of the year as a whole, then the 5 winners (with one of them being the top winner because of arbitrary reasons), then a couple of honorable mentions and finally, a bunch of losers. Because why not.

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2015 Games of the Year

January 1st, 2016 No comments

2015 was turds. But I still gotta give my thoughts on the year as a whole and name the definitive games of the year. Not like there wasn’t a selection, but it was pretty minuscule. Just for reference to show this year sucked, Persona 4: Dancing All-Night was in my nominee list. Just let that sink in.

I will note the handful of big games I haven’t played though that might have had a chance of some sort to make it in a GotY list, possibly: Dying Light, Pillars of Eternity, Rare Replay, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5 (just got an Xbone, so I need time to play these games), Just Cause 3, MGSV and Fatal Frame. Otherwise I’ve played most everything of note.

So here we’ll have a quick rant, 4 nearly-winners, 1 winner, a quick highlight of my favorite indie games, honorable mentions, and the top trash of the year!

Let’s go!

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E3 2015 rant!

June 17th, 2015 No comments

Alright, E3 time! And you know what that means! Yes, it’s time once again for me to angrily hate on everything that was shown at all the big presentations (alright, I wrote this part before the conference, I do quite the opposite if you skip to the end here). This includes Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Nintendo, Square Enix and “PC Gaming”, whatever and whoever that is.

My E3 hype-level before the presentations wasn’t really high. I had low expectations for every company doing a presentation. Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft always disappoint, Nintendo is very hit-or-miss, and I ran under the assumption that Square Enix wasn’t gonna be all that interesting, and that Bethesda would just be happy to have shown up at all.

I previously had “reactions” written down for everything in all the presentations for his post, but that was WAY too long, so I figured I’d reduce the length by a lot.

So let’s go, here’s my E3 conference thoughts! A quick intro for each presentation (wrote those before seeing the conferences), and a quick summary of my thoughts for each of the conferences with highlights and lowlights for each of them.

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Game of the Year Awards 2014

December 31st, 2014 No comments

2014 has been a trash year for video games. Not to say there weren’t a few excellent games but… that’s the problem, there were only a few excellent games. And none of them were exclusive on the 2 big new current-gen consoles (but rather on the console no one’s buying).

So making this whole GotY thing was surprisingly easy, since I didn’t need to make one post per console, like I WANT to do. Ideally I’d have a top 3-5 exclusives for each system, and a top 5 for multiplats, with a final overall top 3, but there weren’t enough good releases for any of that this time around (I think this is the third year in a row as well). The gaming industry right now is spiraling downwards at a frenetic speed and no one seems to want to change that, and the one company that’s actually putting in any kind of effort isn’t getting support from the consumers, because gamers now don’t want quality games, just fancy boring “realistic” graphics and marketing hype (see: the only reason the PS4 sold at all. see also: the only reason Destiny sold). I could (barely) make a Wii U top 5, but it’s really the only system that could get something like that this time around.

How do I know for sure 2014 was a bad year? Akiba’s Trip and Senran Kagura were in the initial (very) shortlist I made for GotY. FUCKING AKIBA’S TRIP. No, don’t worry, they didn’t make it to the final list, but the fact that they were even in the running at all is freaking ridiculous (note: I liked those games, they’re just not games that should be anywhere near GotY potential… and yet they were). Did devs not want to make good games this year? Don’t they like money? It’s really crazy.

So… yeah… Let’s go! I’ll have 4 sections: a quick overview of the year, the top 5 contenders for GotY, the GotY winner, and the trash of the year which is a highlight of some of the worst games that came out.

(Note: keep in mind I haven’t played every game that came out, so… no Sunset Overdrive since I don’t have an Xbone and at this point I’m waiting for the PC version, haven’t played enough of Dragon Age Inquisition so unlike the trash that is the VGAs I won’t name anything GotY when it was only on the market for a couple minutes, and as much as I wanted to get Guilty Gear Xrd, I decided to wait for the next version. And I haven’t played Alien Isolation which could be a decent contender too)

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Bayonetta 2 review

November 15th, 2014 No comments

bayonetta 2
The first Bayonetta was a badass action game in the DMC style, and one that did well critically and did decently as far as sales go (over 2 million copies sold is nothing to sneeze at), but then no one actually wanted the sequel to be made other than the devs themselves. The game was allegedly pitched to Microsoft and Sony who both refused to fund it, Sega wouldn’t do it, but somehow, completely out of left field, Nintendo jumped on it and funded the development of the game.

So first things first, thank you Nintendo for making this game possible. Second… Bayonetta was one of my favorite games of the entire 7th gen, so my hype for this was through the roof, by FAR the game I was most excited for this year.

So does Bayonetta 2 live up to the hype, or did Nintendo ruin it because they’re Nintendo? Read on and see! (yes, that second part of the question was a joke)

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Games of the Year 2013

December 29th, 2013 No comments

Well 2013 sure was a year. I wouldn’t call it a bad year, but I wouldn’t call it a good one either. As far as video gaming goes, it was just… there. Sure 3 new current-gen consoles came out, but the Ouya (which I will assume is now dead… and if it isn’t, I wonder why), PS4 and Xbone got zero worthy exclusives to talk about, so, despite the high sales of the PS4 and Xbone (which I have NO idea how it happened), they weren’t even close to being exciting consoles releases, and neither has much on the horizon for at least a year.

As for 2013, there were only a handful of noteworthy releases, which means this is the second year in a row where making multiple posts to highlight console exclusives separately from multiplats is not exactly possible. For example, the Xbox 360 got ONE exclusive, and it sucked. So no highlighting 25+ games like I try to do usually.

So… I’ll just highlight a bunch of random games here.
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7th Generation Send-off: Badass multiplatform games

October 16th, 2013 No comments

*Post late because host1free/host1plus refuse to give proper customer service… anyways, on with the posts, finally*

One thing that was a disappointment about the seventh generation was that most games worth playing were multiplatform. If you owned a 360, PS3 or PC, you could play almost everything that came out, so owning multiple platforms was nearly pointless unlike previous gens. It would have been nice to see more good console exclusives. That said, we got lots of great multiplats this gen.

Since there’s so many games I want to talk about in general, I’m making several posts for this. I’ll try to not linger too much on any of the games, there’s a lot to talk about after all. Since there’s a lot of games in here, there are some I’ll just list at the bottom.

The next post will be about console exclusives.

Note: There’s no particular order.

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Games of the Year 2012!

December 25th, 2012 1 comment

Wow, this year kinda sucked… In a way.
Usually I do a lot of GotY posts, with one per major system/handheld and one for multiplat releases (since including multiplat releases in “best of X system” awards is retarded GameTrailers), as well as overall winners, with 3-5 winners in each category if possible (because I feel it’s ridiculous to call anything a “best” game, and I like choice). This year there just aren’t enough great games for that.

Not to say there weren’t good games, but very few that I feel were good enough to be in the running for GotY. So, due to that, I decided to go at it in a very simple manner and do one post, and maybe put a couple honorable mentions at the bottom for games I didn’t feel were GotY caliber.

So… let’s go with this year’s winners right away!

(Please note: I may not have played every game that came out in 2012, so sorry if I missed anything that you feel should win… oh, and FUCK Journey and FUCK anyone who likes that vapid non-game POS… yes, that means you Jim Sterling)
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