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ARMS review

June 23rd, 2017 No comments


Nintendo once again takes an established genre, flips it on its head, starts it off with a reveal that seems… really odd… and end up with a fairly successful game. Splatoon did that (though I liked the Splatoon reveal more than the ARMS reveal) and became an absolutely unstoppable sensation, and ARMS is hoping to do the same with fighting games (which is surprising when Nintendo has 2 other unique fighting game series that are also ongoing, but I can dig it).

I played this on the Testpunch (mostly the first one, I found Hedlock annoying in the second one), and, while it didn’t QUITE blow my mind, it was damn entertaining.

So since there’s not much content here, I figured I’d play it for a week and talk about my thoughts on it at that point. So let’s do that!
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Mighty Gunvolt Burst review

June 18th, 2017 No comments

In all the E3 going-ons, this might have flown way under the radar. Partly because it wasn’t featured at E3 in any fashion that I heard of, partly because it’s digital-only.

The original Mighty Gunvolt was a side-game that came out at the same time as Azure Striker Gunvolt (and was free for a moment there). It was pretty fun, but kinda cheap and extremely simple. It was still a nice little bonus.

So this seemed like a more complete game so I was pretty interested. Let’s check it out!
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E3 2017 – Final thoughts

June 16th, 2017 No comments

E3 2017 is done. It was pretty bad, especially after having time to sleep on it and think about what was shown.

I already wrote about the specific presentations in a “live commentary” style (semi-live when it comes to Bethesda), look at my previous posts for that. This is more about the entirety of the online experience of E3 2017 (not really sure why people rushed out to get tickets to actually go there and wait in lines), and other ranty notes.

Let’s go!

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E3 2017 impressions – Day 1: Nintendo

June 13th, 2017 No comments

So right now as I’m writing this intro we haven’t seen Nintendo’s Spotlight presentation, or the Treehouse stream. And what I’m currently saying is… Nintendo just has to show up and, whatever “winning E3” means, they’ll do it. It’s a pretty sad year when Ubisoft and MS had the best presentations so far.

Today: Nintendo’s showcase presentation, as well as a bit of the Treehouse stream since there’s apparently more announcements there.

Let’s go and talk about this! This is my second to last E3 post, next will be in a couple days with an overall impression of this E3 as a whole.

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E3 2017 impressions – Day -1: Sony

June 12th, 2017 No comments

My PS4 was actually turned on a few times this year, so that’s an improvement over last year. Sony needs to keep that up though. And there’s a distinct chance they could, but for that they need to go all-out at E3. Let’s see!

Second post today: Sony’s E3 Presentation.

Let’s hope it’s good and not just Knack 2.

Nintendo post tomorrow.

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E3 2017 impressions – Day -1: Ubisoft

June 12th, 2017 No comments

Since my “expectations” post we did get some new info, specifically about Far Cry 5 (see: not Blood Dragon 2 so who cares) and a leak for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (I expect it here rather than Nintendo’s Spotlight presentation (with a segment for it at the treehouse stream later)), so hey, there might be something worth mentioning here… I expect nothing new other than Mario + Rabbids.

First post today: Ubisoft’s E3 Presentation

I assume that right now we need to get ready for a really bad dance number first… let’s see.

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E3 2017 impressions – Day -2: Bethesda

June 12th, 2017 No comments

Okay you Bethesda fuckers… fuck you. People work on Monday, you get that, right? Why would you have this kind of presentation at MIDNIGHT (I know Europe usually gets fucked as far as these go, but not usually east coast US)? Fuck that I’m not watching this live. Thankfully I can still make semi-live reactions the morning after before going to work. Which is what I’m doing right now… Let’s watch this shit.

Day -2 part 2: Bethesda’s E3 Conference. Again these are “live impressions” (I avoided spoilers before watching after the fact). Yes we’re technically on Day -1 now but it’s a Day -2 presentation so whatever 😛

Let’s go! Get hyped for lots of DLC announcement probably.

(2 more posts laters today!)

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Games I won’t review: Random edition

June 6th, 2017 No comments

So there’s a few games I’ve played recently-ish but, for whatever reason, probably won’t end up reviewing. So I might as well post about them.

No theme this time, just random stuff. Let’s go.

Gravity Rush 2, Fire Emblem Echoes and Disgaea 5 Complete.

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Arms Testpunch impressions

May 28th, 2017 No comments

Arms testpunch

So this is a game I was really curious about since it was announced. It was announced during the Switch reveal event, after the meh-looking 1-2-Switch, as a more “serious” “deep” game. What they showed was what looked like Wii Boxing with stretchy arms. It didn’t look bad, but it seemed kinda weird.

But following Nintendo Directs that featured the game seemed to indicate more depth than it originally looked like, and what I will say is some of the most interesting Nintendo character design in quite a while.

So this weekend had 6 1-hour rounds where you could try the game online, similar to Splatoon and Splatoon 2 (at a lot of different hours). Partly as a stress test for the servers, partly for hype. (there’s 6 more sessions next weekend)

So here’s my impressions thus far. I’ll keep it quick since I do want to write an actual review for the full game.

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Trying to find good mobile games – Licensed games

May 25th, 2017 No comments

So I’m always looking for something good to play on my phone. For those moments where my handhelds are home and I want to waste a few minutes, or I’m watching something and I want to do something that requires little thought at the same time. Problem is, good games on mobile isn’t really a thing.

So here I’m gonna talk about a few games I’ve tried, with one metric: it’s all games that are based on existing IPs. Because why not.

… Yeah I’m bored. Why else would I post about mobile games?

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