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Celeste review

February 11th, 2018 No comments

I’m actually really having trouble to even figure out what to say about this game. I finished it over a week ago and I’m not quite sure what to write in a review. Not because it’s bad, that’s very much not the case. But at the same time it’s so… straightforward. So it took me a while to get into writing this review.

There’s not much to say about it pre-release, I saw some videos and thought it looked pretty good. It looked pretty similar to something like Super Meat Boy. So I grabbed it.

Read on! (This will be a fairly short review)

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Dragon Ball FighterZ impressions

January 27th, 2018 No comments

The moment a Dragon Ball fighting game by Arc System Works was announced I was beyond hyped. Then seeing it in action at E3 a few days later was just amazing. It looked exactly like the anime, I’d say moreso than any other DBZ game. I got into the closed beta some time ago (note: this was literally the last time I used my PS4 before yesterday… that console is so pointless), and I loved it. It was really fun and well-designed.

I’m not buying this game, at least not yet. I never end up playing fighting games that much when I do buy them, and this is another case of me finding the DLC to be excessively expensive, so if I get this at all, it’ll be a GotY edition. However, a friend bought it and came over to play it all evening yesterday, so I figured, since I’m probably never reviewing it, I better talk about it now.

This will be quick impressions rather than a full review. Let’s go.
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Games I won’t review – Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory

January 27th, 2018 No comments

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory
So 2 years ago Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth came out. It was a pretty fun JRPG where you’d train up Digimon and investigate the mysterious “Eater” creatures that have been messing up the world and mixing up the digital world and the real world.

It wasn’t perfect, I played on normal difficulty and it was too easy most of the time (except literally the final boss, which makes sense) and it was a lot of going through menus to go to different places. But overall a fun game.

So I figured I’d get this new one, I figured it would fix some small things and hey, it’s more Digimon Story, which will always be more interesting than Digimon World (after I made the mistake of buying that one last year).

So instead I’m just not gonna review it, after buying it. Read on and see why!

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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King review

January 18th, 2018 No comments

Blossom Tales The Sleeping King
I missed this when it came out on PC, but the Switch release seemed like a good time to check it out. The Zelda-style of the gameplay seemed pretty interesting, and the few reviews I could find were fairly positive.

So for a quick review let’s check it out!

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Games I won’t review – 2017 leftovers

January 7th, 2018 No comments

So there’s a few indie games from 2017 I recently played and didn’t have time to post full reviews for. So here’s a few in my “Games I won’t review” format.

So today I’m not reviewing: Steamworld Dig 2, Ruiner and Pyre.

Let’s go!

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review

December 23rd, 2017 No comments

I didn’t think I’d actually finish this game. I didn’t finish the first Xenoblade Chronicles (because I kinda got tired of it a bit past the halfway point), I didn’t finish Xenoblade X (because it sucked), and I figured this would continue that tradition. You know what it is? It’s the Switch. The ability to not HAVE to play it on my TV or PC means I could play it more, and multi-task more easily.

So I was somewhat excited for this one, the announcement in January came as a surprise, and the fact that it was announced for this year was also pretty surprising (though less so in subsequent interviews where the game was said to be in development alongside Xenoblade X). People didn’t believe it would make a 2017 release but here we are. So it’s basically the last big game this year.
So let’s check it out see if it’s good. I’ve organized this review slightly differently from usual to address all I want to.

Note: This review was written before the latest patch was released, I don’t know if it fixes some of the things I’ll talk about.

Other note: This review is fucking long. Here’s a link to the overall thoughts.

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Battle Chef Brigade review

December 2nd, 2017 No comments

Battle Chef Brigade
For full disclosure, as my name of the game IS in the credits of this game: This is a game I backed on kickstarter. Not that I publicly display my real name on this site, disclosure is still important even if it’s for something as “minor” as backing on KS since my name is attached to it.

The kickstarter for this started at just the right timing, which was when people got really excited about another cooking-based thing, that being Shokugeki no Soma (or Food Wars for people who use english animu titles), which is a badass anime series about cooking contests and people liking food too much. So the idea of a game about cooking contests managed to do at least reach its goal on KS. But this seemed to have a bit more than just cooking, with it also featuring fighting elements. It definitely looked like a cool mix

So is this good? Read on and see!

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Spelunker Party impressions

November 28th, 2017 No comments

I’m actually a decent fan of the Spelunker series (which a lot of gamers nowadays mix up with the Spelunky series). I haven’t played all the games in it, there was a sequel to the original that came out only in Japan that I never played for example, but all the Spelunker games I’ve played I thought were pretty dang great. I especially enjoyed Spelunker HD.

The Spelunker games are hated (in the west) for a pretty stupid reason if you ask me: you die REALLY easily. Fall from too high, which isn’t actually high at all? Die before even touching the ground. Touch a bit of hot steam? Die. Get pooped on by a bat? Dead. But that’s the point. You’re surrounded by things that will kill you, and you must use the gameplay mechanics to traverse the levels. It’s called good game design. It actually is considered a classic in Japan which is interesting.

So this came out in Japan as “Minna de Wai Wai Spelunker”, which was a fairly expensive import (around 60 to 80 dollars), but we got a pretty out-of-nowhere english release date announcement for October and I was able to spend less on the game, especially since I randomly waited for Black Friday and it was on sale then. I would’ve been happy to  get the japanese version, so spending less is always nice.

So this is an impressions post because I’m nowhere near done with it, but I do want to talk about it sooner rather than later.

Let’s go!

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus review

November 18th, 2017 No comments

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein: The New Order was one of many reboots of the classic Wolfenstein series. There was one in 2009 that was pretty boring and super-glitchy, there was Return to Castle Wolfenstein in 2001 which was pretty well loved, and even the classic Wolfenstein 3D was something of a reboot of 1981’s Castle Wolfenstein (a top-down 2D stealth game).

The New Colossus is a sequel to The New Order, so it’s nice to see a reboot of Wolfenstein actually getting proper sequels (there was also Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which was a prequel to The New Order, and a game I thought was slightly better).

So yeah… I was pretty excited for this, though playing it was a challenge at first due to Super Mario Odyssey taking literally all my free time when it came out. But I finally got time to get through it after I finished Mario.

So let’s talk about it! Let’s go!

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Fire Emblem Warriors impressions/review

November 18th, 2017 No comments

This is mainly an impressions post for a simple reason… it’s a Dynasty Warriors game (also known as Musou). If you don’t yet know whether you like these or not… Play one of them. Any of them, really. Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes are my top recommendations… alongside Fire Emblem Warriors. But there’s a pile of others based on Gundam, Berserk, One Piece, Fate, Fist of the North Star, Arslan Senki, ancient Japan, ancient China, an “all-stars” with several Koei Tecmo characters, and probably a pile more stuff… Grab the one that interests you most. I don’t feel like I really need to go full on explaining how this plays and stuff, because it’s such a huge series with so many options.

So back when Hyrule Warriors came out, a lot of people were pointing out that Fire Emblem would work really well with this style too, so it wasn’t too surprising to actually see this being made.

So here’s my impressions! I will discuss what separates this from Hyrule Warriors and probably other games in the Musou series

(next I want to see Kirby Warriors… imagine an army of Kirbies with different powers running around killing the shit out of things)

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