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Games I won’t review – Steam Summer Sales 2017 edition

July 1st, 2017 No comments

So it’s Steam Summer Sale time. Usually I buy nothing at these sales despite always having 30+ games in my wishlist being on sale every time. But I was bored so I picked up a few games. So I figure I’d do a “Games I won’t review” post for this year’s “haul”.

The reason for them not getting a few review or a standalone “Game I won’t review” post is because they’re slightly older games and not really worth dedicating a post to at this point.

There’s 2 games I got that are newer and probably still relevant to make a fuller review of, so I’ll have that coming hopefully soon if I get far enough in them (otherwise I’ll “not-review” them in a similar post to this).

Let’s go!

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Games coming out in February 2017

January 25th, 2017 No comments

Alright, January was kinda quiet (still a couple releases upcoming and some that I’m playing in preparation for review), but soon we’re getting lots of stuff coming out. Hopefully I can cover a lot of stuff, we’ll see. I’ve been wanting to make this blog a bit more lively and I think I’ve been doing a bit better with it of late.

So February… 3 PS4 releases (2 exclusive), 9-ish multiplats, a mobile release, a PC release and a 3DS release. Surprising amount of stuff for the PS4 once again, that’s nice and very unlike the PS4.

So let’s go and see what’s up!

Usual disclaimer: This includes either games I’m interested in, games that may be/become popular and random stuff in-between… Basically anything I feel bears mentioning. Probably missing stuff because game companies are shit about announcing release dates nowadays (and good at delaying games near release). Indies in particular are kinda random, or bad at making their games known (I get that it’s hard, but if I don’t see anything about your game before it comes out, I can’t very much highlight it). So if there’s no indie games here, it’s pretty normal. I won’t spend hours that I could be playing games watching videos for indie games I have no interest in.

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AVGN 2: ASSimilation review

April 2nd, 2016 No comments

Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation
So the AVGN game apparently needed a sequel. I wasn’t unhappy to see it, I did actually like the first one despite the very obvious faults it had, but I figured that was it for the Nerd in gaming form (at least officially).

No real need to talk about my thoughts in regards to the AVGN since I think I did that last time, so let’s go and see if the sequel is better than the first!

Read on and see.
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Early recommendation – 20XX

October 25th, 2015 No comments


I can’t say I’m a big fan of Early Access in general. Most games in it are trash, some that might never end up being released, and you’re basically paying to be a guinea pig, but there’s likely a handful of games in early access that are well worth it. 20XX is one of them.

This is not a full review (and honestly I won’t fully review this game once the final version comes out unless it’s massively different on release), but rather a recommendation to check out a cool early access project that should end up being a very solid game in its final form, and already is a solid game in its current form.

So read on and see why I recommend checking out 20XX.
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