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Castlevania impressions

July 9th, 2017 No comments


So this happened. This was a surprise when it was announced. A TV show based on Castlevania (which was rumored for a good while). I really didn’t inform myself about it beyond “hey it’s coming out”, so I was pretty surprised when the trailer came out and showed that it was animated.

Castlevania itself needs no introduction, it’s an absolute classic game series, that Konami sucks at supporting recently. There’s even a style of game that is colloquially known as “Metroidvania”. It has a big amount of amazing games spanning a few , and a few bad ones, and Lords of Shadow which is its own level of bad. Going from “game-that-has-almost-no-story” to “animated TV show” is a pretty big challenge though, especially since the show was said to be based on Castlevania 3.

So I was approaching this with caution. Video game adaptations are well known for not really working out well, with a few exceptions (the live-action Phoenix Wright was pretty nice, for example), so I had no trouble containing the hype. You know, just in case.

My plan here is not to spoil the story note-for-note, or do a complete analysis or anything. I just want to give quick impressions about it. Spoilers may come up nonetheless so…

SPOILERS POSSIBLY INCOMING (but I’ll try to be very top-level about it)

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Music review – Powerglove’s “Saturday Morning Apocalypse”

September 28th, 2010 No comments

Well that took some time to come out. It’s been teased, and got release dates and delays, but we can finally listen to it.

If you don’t know about Powerglove, here’s a lowdown: They’re an awesome band that covers oldschool video game music, but with a great power metal style. They’re probably the best band in the video game music cover sub-genre. Not only do the cover the songs, but they take the tunes and they add in their own style and compositions, making the songs not only recognizable, but also making them their own thing at the same time.

This time, rather than doing video game music, they went through their childhood memories of watching cartoons and are doing covers of their theme songs, which is a fun idea. And for the first time they have a record label for their album, so you’ll be able to find it at local music stores, which is pretty awesome.

So read on and see if they’re as good with cartoon songs as they are with video game tunes!

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Anime – Best of 2008

January 13th, 2009 5 comments

Hi everyone! I’m a bit late on this one, but I’ve worked in collaboration with a few friends of mine at Bleach7/Maximum7 to make this list as exhaustive as we could. Of course I kept most of the final choices up to my opinion, but wanted to take into consideration what I haven’t seen, that was good, but didn’t get time for. This list compiles almost 30 categories (yes I know, that’s too much, sue me) and is a best of 2008 anime list. Now to fit in this list, the anime must have ended by December 31st, 2008, which means some very good titles didn’t make the cut (Soul Eater, Toradora! and more). So without more waiting, here’s my list! Take note that the runner-ups aren’t in any particular order.

Find out what’s the best and more after the jump.

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New TV series impressions: Legend of the Seeker

November 2nd, 2008 3 comments

I talked about this series a bit earlier, talking about how hyped up I was for it. CLICK HERE
Well after all the hype it finally aired during the night… and sadly I couldn’t watch it then. The show over here played on NBC, but after some searching I found out it played on NBC Plattsburgh, and that over here I only had NBC Detroit. So sadly I won’t be able to follow this on normal television(if i had Satellite TV I probably could, but I don’t >_>). But thankfully the internet is here and it’s possible to download the episode from *cough* various sources, and I can watch it anyways.

Now I’ve managed to watch it and here I am with my impressions of the first 2 episodes.
I’ll first go into a brief summary of each episode(not going too much in detail) and then give my impressions about it :P. And there’s gonna be some pictures at the end of the post of course.
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Hyped up for: Legend of the Seeker

October 14th, 2008 4 comments

Poster for Legend of the Seeker

Haven’t posted in a few days, but I’ve got a few things lined up. For the moment, I want to speak of something I’ve been anticipating for quite a while now(and, after being out of the loop for a while, I learned all about it this morning). Namely, the adaptation of a book series that I love into a TV series, the Sword of Thruth(by Terry Goodkind). For the TV version they are renaming the series’ name to “Legend of the Seeker”. From what I’ve read, this will be covering only the first book… Hopefully more will come.
Yeah, I’m talking about this late, but as I’ve said I’ve been out of the loop for a bit. 

This is the first time in years that I’ve been hyped up for a TV show that isn’t anime. So here’s a bit of info on the overall story, actors(the ones that are known for now), pictures and the first trailer.

This is coming on November 1st by the way, so it’s really soon. Also, this is produced by Sam Raimi, the guy behind the Evil Dead series and the Spiderman adaptations. Going to play on ABC, WGN and maybe a couple of others. Check your local listings!

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