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Games I won’t review: the “for now” edition – Dishonored 2

November 13th, 2016 No comments

Dishonored 2

Unlike other “Games I won’t review” posts, this is a game I might end up reviewing eventually. But right now it’s in a sad fucking state and I refuse to even play it until I see a patch being downloaded on Steam, and if that patch makes the game playable.

Read on!

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Doom review

May 16th, 2016 No comments

After last year’s E3 showcase of Doom at Bethesda’s presentation, I was hyped. But because I was hyped, I also didn’t inform myself on the game at all beyond official trailers, so if anything looked off in early gameplay videos I wouldn’t have noticed. But I didn’t care. The official trailers looked amazing, and nothing could contain my hype. I did play the open beta which was just multiplayer and enjoyed it.

I was a big fan of the original Doom as a kid, there were not really any games like it at the time. The violence was nice, the graphics were out of this world and it was fun to play and find secrets. The sequel was basically just an expansion and it was great too. Doom 3 didn’t really click with me at the time though so I don’t really remember it (I have the BFG edition, I should check it out again). I do remember it needed a beastly computer though, so I didn’t get to play it much.

So was this worth the hype, or do we have another Star Fox Zero on our hands? Read on and see!

(spoilers: BUY THIS GAME)

(note: the non-gamers at Polygon being crap at the game is the funniest thing out there (and some highlights are actually worse than what’s shown here)… no idea why anyone would think we can take these people seriously about anything game-related)

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February 29th, 2016 No comments

So this popped up randomly all over my twitter feed, but I didn’t really pay attention until I ended up seeing a couple videos (after seeing so many tweets) and it caught my attention right away. Apparently it was at some game jam-y thing where it apparently got some attention, and ended up on kickstarter where I never heard of it because there’s SO MUCH CRAP on kickstarter that the good stuff never really pops out.

So even though it’s a bit on the expensive side for a small short indie game, I figured I’d try it out.

So let’s go and see if this game is, indeed, super hot (yeah, going for the obvious joke this time).

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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review

May 18th, 2015 No comments

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review
Last year Wolfenstein: The New Order came out to hugely positive critical reception and it did really well sales-wise.

I don’t  agree with the super huge critical reception, but I do think it was a pretty okay game, it just didn’t do anything mindblowingly well. It was just kinda there, as a game. It did nothing special, it was every other generic FPS but done a bit better than a lot of them.

So Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a side game to this new Wolfenstein universe, taking place a bit before the opening scene of The New Order.

Good or not? Read on and see!
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Ziggurat review

March 23rd, 2015 No comments

The last entry in my quick multiple-posts-in-a-row-to-not-have-another-empty-month series of rogue-lite reviews.

Not much more to say as an intro, so let’s jump straight into the game!

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Killzone: Mercenary review

January 22nd, 2014 No comments

Killzone Mercenary
I bought a Killzone game? On Vita? Am I insane?

The Killzone series, before this, has been one of disappointing/bad FPS gameplay and overall boring in every other sense. The idea of a Killzone game on Vita sounded even worse, considering the Vita’s previous horrible FPS efforts (Call of Duty and Resistance, both being the worst in their respective series, which are both already terrible series). Why did I buy it? Well, because it was very cheap on PSN, and one of my friends kept singing its praises even though he also dislikes the console KZ games.

What’s different? Is it actually good for once? Read on and see!

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Bulletstorm review

March 1st, 2011 1 comment

Well, this was the one FPS this year that I was really excited for (other than DNF). The demo impressed me with its fast-paced gameplay and imaginative ways to kill enemies, and the interesting weapons. I had finally found what might be the first really good FPS of the generation (I WOULD give that honor to Borderlands, but I consider Borderlands more of a Diablo-style RPG rather than an FPS).

So now that the full game is out, I got the PC version (thinking that I’d play it better than the PS3 demo) and played through it all. Read on and see if it really is the first good FPS of the generation!

(PS: sadly, I can’t comment on the dialogue in the game… the game automatically set itself to the language of my computer, and, as such, I was stuck listening to crappy french dialogue for the whole game. The best I could do is put the in-game text into english, but not the voices and subtitles… if anyone knows how to fix that I’d greatly appreciate it)

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Could it be the one? – Bulletstorm demo impressions

January 26th, 2011 1 comment

If there’s one thing you’ll hear gamers complain about a lot, especially more retro-style gamers such as myself, is that the gaming industry in the last 5-6 years has been drowned by First-Person Shooters, and none of them are particularly good other than the online component (if that interests you at all). The only exception, to me at least, has been Borderlands, which is more like a “What if Diablo was an FPS?” kinda thing. And there’s Bioshock, but to me it was good more because of the awesome visuals than the actual gameplay.

Bulletstorm comes in as a game that, while it mimics the crappy grey-brown look of modern games, seems like it might be a lot more fun. But, as I always do, I was incredibly skeptical about this, since every FPS I sort of got excited for ended up being total shit, like Singularity. And, the title… Bulletstorm? Yeah, lots of thought went into THAT one (that was sarcasm, by the way). So I didn’t hype myself up too much, but I still kept a close eye on it.

So I played the Bulletstorm demo yesterday… Read on and see if it might be that one good FPS this generation!
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Singularity review

July 4th, 2010 No comments

From looking at some gameplay videos and interviews, I thought Singularity might be a fun, original FPS, with different gameplay than the average military shooter or Halo clone. As such, I had good expectations for the game, thinking it might be more interesting than the average modern FPS.

In a time where every FPS looks and plays the same, I had hopes that Singularity would be one of the few to divert from what FPS are nowadays.

Read on and see if it ended up being what I hoped it would be, or if it went for the “we’ll be the same as everyone” route!
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Xbox 360 Review – Battlefield: Bad Company 2

March 18th, 2010 3 comments

Bad Company 2. A sequel to the multi player FPS I played the most on the xbox. Well okay, maybe a close second to Halo 3 and Left 4 Dead. I loved this game, probably more than the later two actually. Even though it didn’t have any split screen, I invited people over and we played the crap out of the first one. You can check my stats on BF:BC’s website. (Gamertag MnM333 on Xbox360) But again, Bad Company did something the other Battlefields didn’t do. Kind of the reverse to what most FPS do actually. Most single player FPS needlessly add a multi player option. Well, Bad Company added single player to this multi player behemoth, not a huge undertaking. But they managed to keep those multi player elements in the single player. More after the jump!
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