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Dragon Ball FighterZ impressions

January 27th, 2018 No comments

The moment a Dragon Ball fighting game by Arc System Works was announced I was beyond hyped. Then seeing it in action at E3 a few days later was just amazing. It looked exactly like the anime, I’d say moreso than any other DBZ game. I got into the closed beta some time ago (note: this was literally the last time I used my PS4 before yesterday… that console is so pointless), and I loved it. It was really fun and well-designed.

I’m not buying this game, at least not yet. I never end up playing fighting games that much when I do buy them, and this is another case of me finding the DLC to be excessively expensive, so if I get this at all, it’ll be a GotY edition. However, a friend bought it and came over to play it all evening yesterday, so I figured, since I’m probably never reviewing it, I better talk about it now.

This will be quick impressions rather than a full review. Let’s go.
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Spelunker Party impressions

November 28th, 2017 No comments

I’m actually a decent fan of the Spelunker series (which a lot of gamers nowadays mix up with the Spelunky series). I haven’t played all the games in it, there was a sequel to the original that came out only in Japan that I never played for example, but all the Spelunker games I’ve played I thought were pretty dang great. I especially enjoyed Spelunker HD.

The Spelunker games are hated (in the west) for a pretty stupid reason if you ask me: you die REALLY easily. Fall from too high, which isn’t actually high at all? Die before even touching the ground. Touch a bit of hot steam? Die. Get pooped on by a bat? Dead. But that’s the point. You’re surrounded by things that will kill you, and you must use the gameplay mechanics to traverse the levels. It’s called good game design. It actually is considered a classic in Japan which is interesting.

So this came out in Japan as “Minna de Wai Wai Spelunker”, which was a fairly expensive import (around 60 to 80 dollars), but we got a pretty out-of-nowhere english release date announcement for October and I was able to spend less on the game, especially since I randomly waited for Black Friday and it was on sale then. I would’ve been happy to  get the japanese version, so spending less is always nice.

So this is an impressions post because I’m nowhere near done with it, but I do want to talk about it sooner rather than later.

Let’s go!

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Fire Emblem Warriors impressions/review

November 18th, 2017 No comments

This is mainly an impressions post for a simple reason… it’s a Dynasty Warriors game (also known as Musou). If you don’t yet know whether you like these or not… Play one of them. Any of them, really. Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes are my top recommendations… alongside Fire Emblem Warriors. But there’s a pile of others based on Gundam, Berserk, One Piece, Fate, Fist of the North Star, Arslan Senki, ancient Japan, ancient China, an “all-stars” with several Koei Tecmo characters, and probably a pile more stuff… Grab the one that interests you most. I don’t feel like I really need to go full on explaining how this plays and stuff, because it’s such a huge series with so many options.

So back when Hyrule Warriors came out, a lot of people were pointing out that Fire Emblem would work really well with this style too, so it wasn’t too surprising to actually see this being made.

So here’s my impressions! I will discuss what separates this from Hyrule Warriors and probably other games in the Musou series

(next I want to see Kirby Warriors… imagine an army of Kirbies with different powers running around killing the shit out of things)

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Eskimo Bob Starring Alfonzo impressions

August 2nd, 2017 No comments

Before yesterday I knew nothing about Eskimo Bob. I actually supported the Kickstarter for this mostly because it was a new NES game, though I did get the Steam version instead of the cartridge (which seems like it will be out later this year, and you can find a link to pre-order it on the Eskimo Bob website). It was a nice KS since it was only back in May and I already have my game on Steam, really fast turnaround.

So I played a good amount of the game, and decided last night to check out what Eskimo Bob was all about… it was… even less than I was expecting (I watched 22 episodes). Cheaply animated, mostly unfunny flash cartoons that either had no point or were so short that I just wondered what happened. I wouldn’t call it enjoyable, but I’m sure it has some fans, as it is one of the longest running web cartoons, getting 53 episodes (usually around a minute long, counting the intro “song”) from 2001 to 2013 (and one of the stretch goals for the kickstarter was a new episode, which was reached but I don’t think it happened?). Not a fan of the show overall.

Eskimo Bob might not be cool, but maybe his game is. So let’s check it out! This is an impressions post because I’m not quite done with it, and forgot to write down my password when I last played so I’d have a bit to replay through and I don’t feel like doing that right now.
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Hollow Knight impressions

July 31st, 2017 No comments

I love Metroidvanias. I actually didn’t hear about Hollow Knight when it came out back in February, but more recently I’ve seen a lot of people talk about it, so I grabbed it during the Steam Summer Sale after seeing just a few screenshots that had a Metroid-style map.

Like The End is Nigh this isn’t a full-on review (even though I’ll write it as such), because I’m not done with it yet and who knows when/if I will be. And I don’t know how close to the end I am. And it’s about time I write about it.

So let’s go and talk about this thing.

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The End is Nigh impressions

July 31st, 2017 No comments

SUPEEEEEER MEAT BOOOOOOOY! Okay not really. But this is a game made by Edmund McMillen of Isaac and Meat Boy fame. And Tyler Glaiel, someone I never heard about before (sorry dude, this game is good though!). So I was pretty excited to try this out.

I’m not done with the game, which is why this isn’t a review. I’m around halfway through now, and I’m going through it pretty slowly. But I figure it’s about time I write about it. So if you want to consider this a review go for it I guess, but know that I haven’t played the whole thing yet.

So let’s go!
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E3 2017 impressions – Day 1: Nintendo

June 13th, 2017 No comments

So right now as I’m writing this intro we haven’t seen Nintendo’s Spotlight presentation, or the Treehouse stream. And what I’m currently saying is… Nintendo just has to show up and, whatever “winning E3” means, they’ll do it. It’s a pretty sad year when Ubisoft and MS had the best presentations so far.

Today: Nintendo’s showcase presentation, as well as a bit of the Treehouse stream since there’s apparently more announcements there.

Let’s go and talk about this! This is my second to last E3 post, next will be in a couple days with an overall impression of this E3 as a whole.

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E3 2017 impressions – Day -1: Sony

June 12th, 2017 No comments

My PS4 was actually turned on a few times this year, so that’s an improvement over last year. Sony needs to keep that up though. And there’s a distinct chance they could, but for that they need to go all-out at E3. Let’s see!

Second post today: Sony’s E3 Presentation.

Let’s hope it’s good and not just Knack 2.

Nintendo post tomorrow.

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E3 2017 impressions – Day -1: Ubisoft

June 12th, 2017 No comments

Since my “expectations” post we did get some new info, specifically about Far Cry 5 (see: not Blood Dragon 2 so who cares) and a leak for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (I expect it here rather than Nintendo’s Spotlight presentation (with a segment for it at the treehouse stream later)), so hey, there might be something worth mentioning here… I expect nothing new other than Mario + Rabbids.

First post today: Ubisoft’s E3 Presentation

I assume that right now we need to get ready for a really bad dance number first… let’s see.

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E3 2017 impressions – Day -2: Bethesda

June 12th, 2017 No comments

Okay you Bethesda fuckers… fuck you. People work on Monday, you get that, right? Why would you have this kind of presentation at MIDNIGHT (I know Europe usually gets fucked as far as these go, but not usually east coast US)? Fuck that I’m not watching this live. Thankfully I can still make semi-live reactions the morning after before going to work. Which is what I’m doing right now… Let’s watch this shit.

Day -2 part 2: Bethesda’s E3 Conference. Again these are “live impressions” (I avoided spoilers before watching after the fact). Yes we’re technically on Day -1 now but it’s a Day -2 presentation so whatever 😛

Let’s go! Get hyped for lots of DLC announcement probably.

(2 more posts laters today!)

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