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The Legends of Owlia review

January 21st, 2017 No comments

The NES is a truly enduring console. Not only does it have some of the most classic games ever that remain good to this day, it actually still gets new games from indie devs from time to time. The top of the new NES games are clearly both Battle Kid games (which should be released on modern platforms as a bundle, seriously… no idea what’s been up with Sivak after BK2). But there’s a ton more. Most of it is pretty subpar but it’s still a pretty interesting thing to look at. I even backed Dreamworld Pogie on Kickstarter recently (a game that was supposed to come out on NES that didn’t, by Codemasters at the time)… I’ll review that whenever I get it, even if it isn’t getting anymore copies after the KS (at least for now). The NES isn’t the only console getting homebrew games, but it gets the most noteworthy ones (unless the Atari Lynx ones are good but no one has an Atari Lynx so who knows).

This one comes from Gradual Games, the makers of another homebrew NES game that I have previously reviewed, Nomolos: Storming the Catsle. Outside of the dumb title (no seriously the underline under “Cat” is part of the title), it was a pretty fun game. A precise, fast-paced platformer that took just a bit of getting used to. So this is a new NES game, but it’s also available to buy on Steam (basically running it through a crappy emulator). Nomolos will also make it on Steam at some point soon too.

So let’s see if I liked this one!

(this is gonna be fairly short)

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NES Classic Edition – Hardware mini-review

November 12th, 2016 No comments


Alright, so I have mini-reviewed all the games on this pre-loaded console (I did a few edits after playing this, I note all of them with some specific details). I braved the lines and the cold to get one (okay not really, only a 3 hour wait), so I figured I’d give my thoughts on the actual hardware.

Let’s go! I’ll try to make this quick.

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NES Classic Edition – 30 games mini-review

November 7th, 2016 No comments


So the NES Classic mini console is about to come out, and just for fun I figure… Why not review each of the 30 games in it, and see if it’s a worthwhile buy?

Since I own all but 2 of these games on the NES and have played almost all of them to a decent extent, why not review them now? Might help people who aren’t familiar with the NES see if they’re interested in any of this!

So 30 super-mini-reviews. Let’s a go. (at the end of all the mini-reviews, a list of the games I’d remove from this, and what I’d replace them with)

(random note: you know what would be REALLY cool? If the console came with reproductions of the game manuals, printed out in the classic style)

NOTE: This is not a review of the actual console. I do not have it and probably never will, with my luck.
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NES Remix 2 review

April 27th, 2014 No comments

nes famicom remix 2 dos
It wasn’t too long since the first NES Remix came out, but there you go, another one already. I was kinda thinking this would be DLC for the first one, but it’s basically the same thing as the first… So I figured I’d write a very quick post about it.

Read on and see what I thought.
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NES Remix review

December 23rd, 2013 No comments

NES Remix
So this was a completely random release by Nintendo, both announced and released at the latest Nintendo Direct.

It’s a game where you challenge a series of (all Black Box except for Zelda) NES games with specific things you have to do, and challenge remixed levels of the games with special properties to them.

Is this any good? Read on and see! This’ll be really quick
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DuckTales Remastered review

August 14th, 2013 No comments

ducktales remastered

I’ll just preface this review with something… Nostalgia goggles don’t really exist. A good game is a good game, regardless of when it came out and regardless of how old I was when I first played it. And that’s the case with the original DuckTales on NES (and the cartoon itself is pretty solid too). If this game is good, it’s not because of this imaginary concept of nostalgia goggles… Now that that’s hardly cleared up at all…

I still approached this remake with some doubt. Specifically, I thought the environments looked pretty bad and I figured “I might as well just play the NES version since it looks pretty much the same”. But I did end up picking this one up anyways, because dammit when Capcom actually makes a decision that’s not pants-shittingly retarded (something that happens once in a blue moon now…), I think it’s good to let them know.

Good? Bad? Read on and see!
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Games of the Year 2012!

December 25th, 2012 1 comment

Wow, this year kinda sucked… In a way.
Usually I do a lot of GotY posts, with one per major system/handheld and one for multiplat releases (since including multiplat releases in “best of X system” awards is retarded GameTrailers), as well as overall winners, with 3-5 winners in each category if possible (because I feel it’s ridiculous to call anything a “best” game, and I like choice). This year there just aren’t enough great games for that.

Not to say there weren’t good games, but very few that I feel were good enough to be in the running for GotY. So, due to that, I decided to go at it in a very simple manner and do one post, and maybe put a couple honorable mentions at the bottom for games I didn’t feel were GotY caliber.

So… let’s go with this year’s winners right away!

(Please note: I may not have played every game that came out in 2012, so sorry if I missed anything that you feel should win… oh, and FUCK Journey and FUCK anyone who likes that vapid non-game POS… yes, that means you Jim Sterling)
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Dust Off The Cartridges: Forgotten Franchises That Need A Makeover – Battletoads

September 4th, 2012 No comments

Aww yeah, it’s Battletoads! One of the most hated and yet most loved classic game series. It’s notable due to every game in the series being balls hard, but a lot of people don’t look past the difficulty, like me, and see that they’re also really good games.

So let’s go and talk about one of my most played NES games and its series and see why I want it to come back!
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Dust Off The Cartridges: Forgotten Franchises That Need A Makeover – Star Tropics

August 19th, 2012 No comments

For the first post of this type, I’ll talk about one of my favorite games (amongst many others). It does have a pretty decent reputation among retro gamers and did get quite a bit of recognition recently, but it’s not frequently mentioned as one of the better games on the NES and it frankly should. Star Tropics is a truly unique action-adventure game in the Zelda mold, but with very unique gameplay design to it.

Let’s check out why I think it deserves to return!

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Games coming out in July 2012

June 26th, 2012 No comments

And now the slow time of the year. July is usually very light on releases, one of the lightest months of the year except maybe for December, and this July is no exception other than for the 3DS.

We’re still getting some stuff. The 3DS has a staggering 4 releases, the Wii has a release, the PSP has a release, PSN and XBLA are getting something (I’m not sure when Jet Set Radio HD is supposed to come so I haven’t included it), and the NES is pretty likely to get something too. And it’s pretty much quality all-around.
Those include either games I’m interested in, or games that may be/become popular… Basically anything I feel bears mentioning, whether I’m personally hyped for it or not. No shovelware here.

Let’s Go!
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