Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus review

November 18th, 2017 No comments

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein: The New Order was one of many reboots of the classic Wolfenstein series. There was one in 2009 that was pretty boring and super-glitchy, there was Return to Castle Wolfenstein in 2001 which was pretty well loved, and even the classic Wolfenstein 3D was something of a reboot of 1981’s Castle Wolfenstein (a top-down 2D stealth game).

The New Colossus is a sequel to The New Order, so it’s nice to see a reboot of Wolfenstein actually getting proper sequels (there was also Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which was a prequel to The New Order, and a game I thought was slightly better).

So yeah… I was pretty excited for this, though playing it was a challenge at first due to Super Mario Odyssey taking literally all my free time when it came out. But I finally got time to get through it after I finished Mario.

So let’s talk about it! Let’s go!

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Fire Emblem Warriors impressions/review

November 18th, 2017 No comments

This is mainly an impressions post for a simple reason… it’s a Dynasty Warriors game (also known as Musou). If you don’t yet know whether you like these or not… Play one of them. Any of them, really. Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes are my top recommendations… alongside Fire Emblem Warriors. But there’s a pile of others based on Gundam, Berserk, One Piece, Fate, Fist of the North Star, Arslan Senki, ancient Japan, ancient China, an “all-stars” with several Koei Tecmo characters, and probably a pile more stuff… Grab the one that interests you most. I don’t feel like I really need to go full on explaining how this plays and stuff, because it’s such a huge series with so many options.

So back when Hyrule Warriors came out, a lot of people were pointing out that Fire Emblem would work really well with this style too, so it wasn’t too surprising to actually see this being made.

So here’s my impressions! I will discuss what separates this from Hyrule Warriors and probably other games in the Musou series

(next I want to see Kirby Warriors… imagine an army of Kirbies with different powers running around killing the shit out of things)

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Games I won’t review – Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

November 17th, 2017 No comments

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

I was gonna review this game. I was completely planning on finishing it and giving it a fair shake. However, the game itself didn’t want me to.

So today in “Games I won’t review”, a sequel no one heard about to a game no one heard about. I believe I reviewed the first game, it was okay, nothing particularly remarkable. A pretty simple action-RPG thing, with minor monster-collecting mechanics and not much else of note other than lesbians with big boobs that seemed right out of a late PS2/early PS3 game graphic-wise.

So let’s go and see if this is any good, and why I’m not reviewing it.

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Sonic Forces review

November 8th, 2017 No comments

sonic forces
So Sonic has had a a good year so far, with the awesome Sonic Mania. At the same time as announcing Mania, Sega announced another Sonic game in the more “modern” style, which is where the blue blur has been struggling for a while.

Not that he hasn’t had good games. Generations was great, Lost World was pretty good… and that’s about it. Almost everything else after the Genesis era has been pretty subpar, with very rare high points.

So is this a second high point for Sonic this year alongside Mania, or does it suck like so many other modern Sonic games?

Read on and see!
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The Mummy Demastered review

November 5th, 2017 No comments

So this is a bit of a weird release. It’s a movie-based game, based on the reboot of The Mummy (which itself was probably a reboot of classic Mummy movies). It’s a movie I was pretty interested in but haven’t seen yet, I heard pretty lukewarm things about it but I still want to see it.

As part of the movie’s promotion there was this game made by Wayforward, which looked pretty interesting. It was made in a retro metroidvania style, so it got lots of attention from that.

Read on and see if it’s good!
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Super Mario Odyssey review

November 4th, 2017 No comments

In December last year, we had no idea this was even a thing. We were still of the mind that Nintendo were probably just making a 3D World sequel, which is good but not quite what we truly want to see from Mario. We had no idea if Nintendo even considered 3D World and Galaxy to be fundamentally different from 64 and Sunshine, maybe they didn’t understand what the fans did. We had no idea something like this would be announced a month later, and to be released less than a year after.

At the Switch reveal event we got our first real glimpse of the future of Mario (after like 5 seconds of gameplay in the Switch teaser trailer), and it looked glorious. And then it was instantly referred to as an exploration-based platformer in the vein of 64 and Sunshine rather than linear obstacle courses like Galaxy and 3D World. This was HUGE. The hype was insurmountable already. Then at E3 2017 we got a second trailer (which is the last thing I watched for this game pre-release), and it looked EVEN BETTER, and this is where the capture mechanic was first shown.

Not that Mario has been bad since 64, not at all. Galaxy and especially Galaxy 2 were absolutely amazing, 3D World was very solid and I loved it, the “New SMB” series has 2 games that are fine… but Odyssey looked like a step above those in many aspects.

To say I was excited for this game would be more than an understatement. It was so hard to not watch all sorts of things about the game before it came out, including freaking speedrun races the day before release because somehow Nintendo sent literally everyone a copy of the game (or so it seemed like from where I was looking, so many people had a copy a week early, the people in the race had it for a week to practice). I didn’t want to see anything about this before it came out because I wanted as much as possible from it to be a surprise, and except for a few spoilers from GameXplain thumbnails and video titles I managed nicely.

So now I’m done with the main story, and despite not being done with the game itself (there’s a lot of content) I’ve probably played enough to properly review it (I’m at 720 moons at the moment I’m posting this). I will do something semi-different here and not do my normal “Presentation/Gameplay/Overall” style and talk about several different things… kinda like I did for a few other reviews this year.

So read on and see if the immeasurable hype was warranted.

PS. I will attempt to keep the spoiling to a minimum as far as gameplay elements and level design, since there’s not much to spoil story-wise.

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Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back mini-review

November 4th, 2017 No comments

I might have been the only person who was excited for this. Simple reason: The first game in the series was very good, one I played a lot back in the day and one I still enjoy… despite its few faults. Bubsy 2 wasn’t as good, and Bubsy 3D is one of the worst platformers ever (not sure about the Jaguar one), but I still have some love for Bubsy. Plus this was being made by Black Forest Games, who made Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. So unlike everyone else I figured there was a decent chance of this being a good game.

And now I’ve played it, somehow managing to get myself away from Mario for a minute to do so.

So… let’s go and see if this is any good or if everyone else was right.

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Games I won’t review – Etrian Odyssey V, Mario & Luigi

October 27th, 2017 No comments

Mario just came out and I’m literally taking some of my gameplay time to finish writing this… might as well do it before I forget the rest of the world exists.

These 2 games would go in one of these posts anyways, because they’re both games I wouldn’t write full reviews for; Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth and the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga remake.

So let’s go!
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Games coming out in November 2017

October 23rd, 2017 No comments

Well I’m posting this slightly early. You know, Mario coming out and all, so I might as well push this before I have no time to play or write anything. Plus I have Wolfenstein 2 coming out on the same day, and several other games coming out close to the same time.. This’ll be rough. That said, I also have another post or 2 I kinda wanna do before that happens, so hopefully those’ll happen soon too.

So November… not quite as big as October  due to not having Mario, but there’s still several interesting games. I’m grabbing a small handful here.

November gives us: 1 PC port, 2 PS4 games, 3 3DS things, 4 Switch releases and 12 multiplats. Oh and a pointless black box.

Usual disclaimer: This includes either games I’m interested in, games that may be/become popular and random stuff in-between… Basically anything I feel bears mentioning for any reason. Probably missing stuff because game companies are shit about announcing release dates nowadays (and good at delaying games near release), and I’m not gonna dig through the hundreds of trash indie games that come out on steam every month to find the one or 2 okay ones that pop up occasionally, unless some higher-profile indie things I care about comes out. So if there’s no/few indie games here, it’s pretty normal.
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A Hat in Time review

October 9th, 2017 No comments

This is the second 3D platforming collect-a-thon from Kickstarter this year. We had Yooka-Laylee earlier in the year and that got a pretty mixed reception, mostly negative from what I’ve been seeing post-launch.

A Hat in Time had a much lower budget than Yooka-Laylee did (plus Y-L had an actual publisher while AHiT remained an indie game), and a much smaller team behind it, and 2 more years of production time, but people have been fairly excited for it all the way through.

So is this the better collect-a-thon game? Let’s go and see!

Disclosure: I kickstarted this.
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